Welcome to the Square Wheels Club

“Sharing a mutual passion for Classic Vehicles”

Square Wheels aims to encourage, engage and unite current & future members through a superb line-up of national & international classic vehicle events scheduled throughout the season and to attend many of the major shows around the U.K.

The Club is open to anyone who shares our passion.

The Club grew out of the tercentenary of English Freemasonry in 2017 when many Runs etc were arranged all over the UK to showcase Freemasonry and the high ideals and standards in life it stands for. Non-Freemasons found they enjoyed that as well and so a Club grew and is now thriving. Membership costs are nominal. There are many member discounts on products and privileges plus club clothing etc.

From the variety of events we support and attend there is something for everyone in a friendly all-inclusive environment. Whether you own an Austin 7 or a Ferrari there is a genuine and warm welcome awaiting.

The Square Wheels Club is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and is proudly sponsored by RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance